Hands Off My Guns and Hands Off My Constitution!

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Hands off my gun and hands off my Constitution

It’s no secret that the movement to alter the Second Amendment and ultimately rid the United States of guns has been in full force the past few years. With an increase in mass shootings and psychopaths gaining considerable media coverage, the liberals are blaming the hysteria on an inanimate object. With this reasoning, they are essentially claiming that a gun, and non-living, cold metal rod, possesses the magical powers to entice citizens to open fire on an Elementary School.

These mass shootings are undoubtedly alarming and terrible. But, what these mass shootings signify is the increase in mentally unstable and sick individuals in our society. These sicknesses need to be addressed, and removing guns from homes in our country is not the fix. The only result that will yield is an undefended population against anarchy, war, invasion, and most importantly, terrorism.

I’ll be the first to say more funds need to be allocated to the study of psychopaths. There need to be more alarms the public can sound when they notice a mental sickness develop during an individual’s time in school. All of these lone murderers exhibited concerning behavior during their formative years. There needs to be an agency, monitors, and rehabilitative centers more plentiful and easily accessible. And, more needs to be done to curb the availability of drugs that help these individuals spiral into insanity.

In the meantime, hands off my gun! Our Second Amendment is one of the most beautiful laws written down in the history of the free world. Leaders of other countries do not dare invade our homeland – they know an American equipped with a gun exists behind every door. Our Founding Fathers bestowed us with that amendment because they had learned from history! They gave us that amendment to protect us from, well, the Founding Fathers themselves.

Countless times throughout history, the first step a totalitarian dictator takes is unarming the populace. Why? Because without weapons that are capable of killing, nothing can stop the ruling body of government from completely controlling the people. Our Second Amendment protects us from our very own government (and let’s be honest, with the direction our government is heading, there’s no way I am relinquishing my guns).

An individual sick enough to shoot children in the skull will always find a way to obtain a gun. It doesn’t matter what kind of gun, or where it came from, they will find it, and they will use it to kill. Let’s shift the discussion toward accepting the media’s obsession with glorifying psychopathic tendencies of killers, and forget the nonsense with the Second Amendment.

It is alarming that certain American politicians think they reserve the right to alter our Constitution. That document is what made our country free, great, unique, and unlike any other nation prior. If we start changing our founding document, precedence will set in, and the entire document will be “edited.” Our Second Amendment is not an amendment that invites alteration. Let’s calm down and look at the real problem plaguing our country: mental illness and the media’s obsession with it. Keep your hands off my gun, hands off my Constitution, and hands off my freedom.