Tax-evading Al Sharpton continues to “fly” under the radar of the IRS

Al Sharpton needs to spend more time abiding by the laws he claims Americans ignore to perpetuate racism today.

It was recently reported that the infamous anti-racism modern-day crusader owes roughly $4 million to Federal and State revenuers. Is it any surprise that the IRS, the ever responsible financial watchdog for America, has not pursued Al Sharpton’s tax evasion?

Sharpton faces Federal tax liens for over $3 million in back taxes. Let’s just say, if the same were true for Donald Trump, he would be sent to jail faster than I would have time to write this article. Additionally, Sharpton owes over $770,000 in state tax liens and two of his for-profit businesses owe around $800,000 in back taxes. In case that wasn’t enough to flag down our loyal tax big brother, Sharpton’s National Action Network owed $813,000 in taxes back in 2012.

If I could get away with keeping that much money, heck, I would too. The funny thing is, recently, many famous individuals, entrepreneurs, and social icons have gone to jail for far less serious tax offenses. This is yet another incident proving how arbitrary, partisan, and corrupt the IRS has become.

Modern day “civil-rights” leaders who sound the alarm to spread social dysfunction and paranoia in our liberal coined progressive society apparently are permitted to exist in a tax-free bubble. They’ve earned it, right?

Hypocrites like Al Sharpton have been in bed with big government for a long time. The problem is that the Al Sharptons of the world will never leave that bed. Big government will protect tax famous tax-evading liberals who spread the ideology of centralizing all freedoms in America. That way, Obama and his “effective” big government can continue to siphon the wealth out of the pockets of hard-working citizens, and bring the unemployed under his wing to ensure a comfy voter block for the next Presidential election. Why quit sucking from the teat that just keeps on giving?

Sharpton has insisted that the IRS promotes social justice in our completely “unfair” and economically “backwards” country. Well, Sharpton, the day the rhetoric you spew out of your mouth proves to be true, the America we once knew and loved will be a thing of the past. In the meantime, the IRS will continue to disrespect the American people, and punish Tea Party affiliates. Tax evasion of this proportion should never be tolerated – hopefully, whoever reads this article will spread just how much of a problem this is, for you, me, and our country.